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Checkin Information for Students

Checkin Information for Students

Here is some important information that we hope will be helpful to Institute participants.

1) For those who will be arriving on or by July 5, we hope you can make it to a welcome barbecue from 5-8 PM in the Hutchinson Courtyard in the main quad. It is the green space with a fountain in the middle of it near the corner of 57th and University that you can see on this map:

In case of rain, the barbecue will be held inside Hutchinson Commons to the north of this courtyard.

2) For arrival: If you are living in one of the dorms (Granville-Grossman, International House, or Max Palevsky), you can arrive there directly even if you arrive outside regular checkin hours (9-9 on Sunday, July 5 and 19). This includes those of you who are arriving on July 3 and 4 - please go directly to your dorm. There is no need to go to International House unless you are living there.

If you are not sure whether you are living in Granville-Grossman or Max Palevsky, then you are living in Granville-Grossman. Anyone who is living in Max Palevsky has been contacted about this.

If you are living off-campus, you can check in at Max Palevsky Residential Commons during regular checkin hours (9-9 on Sunday, July 5 and 19), or you can check in at the registration office in Rosenwald Hall room 208 between 8 AM and 5:30 PM on weekedays, except Wendesdays, when it will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM (all locations can be found on the campus map linked above).

As a reminder, here are the addresses of the checkin locations:

Granville-Grossman Residential Commons
6031 South Ellis Avenue

International House
1414 East 59th Street

Max Palevsky Residential Commons
1101 East 56th Street

From both Midway and O'Hare airports, the easiest way to get to campus is to take a taxi. However, public transportation is also an option. Please see for information about Chicago public transit.

3) If you are living in the International House and plan to use the kitchen, we have been informed that there will be a $25 charge to rent a refrigerator locker. This can be arranged when you arrive at the dorm.

4) Some packing advice:

- This has been an unseasonably cool summer so far, though with occasional hot days. We recommend that you come prepared for weather between 60 and 100 degrees (F), which means pants and a sweater or light jacket on the cool end, and shorts and t-shirts on the very hot end.
- It will also likely rain at least a couple of times during your stay, so a rain jacket or umbrella will be useful.
- There is a beach at 57th street within walking distance of campus, and on sunny days you might enjoy swimming (although the water is still quite chilly). Lake Michigan beaches are more like ocean beaches than like other lakes. Swimsuits and beach towels are recommended!
- Various locations on campus can be 1 mile or more apart, so please bring comfortable shoes. Walking is often the most convenient way to get around Hyde Park (although alternatives exist for those who cannot walk long distances).

5) You should have received a course schedule with room assignments. If you have any trouble finding the relevant buildings on the campus map, you can ask one of our volunteers at check-in to help you. We will also have volunteers stationed around the main quad on the first couple of days of each session to direct you. These volunteers will be wearing blue Institute t-shirts.

6) For those who are living in one of the dorms (Granville-Grossman, International House, or Max Palevsky), sheets, towels, a pillow and a blanket will be provided in each room. If you get cold easily you may want to bring an extra blanket (the dorm desks do not have extras). Linens are exchanged in the dorms on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 AM to 1 PM - just bring your used linens/towels to the front desk and pick up new ones.

7) There are some university parking lots/garages near most housing options that you can park in for $85/month (contrary to what I previously told some of you). If you are interested in paying for a parking pass rather than parking on the street, let me or Becky know.

8) When entering Rosenwald Hall (where the Institute registration office is - room 208), we recommend that you go in the side door, to the West of the building, rather than the main door on the North side. It is possible to access the Linguistics Department from the main entrance, but that entrance goes directly into the College Admissions office, and it can be hard to find your way to other parts of the building from there.

9) Institute IDs will be given out when you pick up your registration package. Please be sure to bring a government-issued ID or passport to check-in. If your photo was not received in time or did not meet specifications for IDs, you will get a temporary ID card to get you into the dorms and dining hall (if you need one), and can get your real ID card by having your picture taken on arrival. If you lose your ID card, there is a $25 fee to replace it.

10) You will receive instructions when you check in for how to set up access to the campus wifi network. If you are living off-campus, your UChicago ID will still allow you to set up a CNetID for access to the campus network. Electronic library resources are available from any computer that is logged on to the campus network.

11) You can continue to make changes to your course schedule even after the Institute begins. The add/drop and grading basis deadline is halfway through each course. So, at the end of the first week of a two week class or the second week of a four-week class, please be sure you have added, dropped, and made any changes to your grading basis that you wish to make. We will provide final rosters to the instructors at that point and they will assign grades on the basis of this final roster.

12) Many of the workshops have added signup links to their pages. If you are interested in attending any workshops or conferences, please visit the workshop pages for further details and to sign up. You can also see locations for many of the events on their pages now.

13) In addition to two campus tours, there will be two safety and security presentations on Wednesday, July 8. Please plan to attend one of these presentations if you possibly can. Hyde Park is a quiet residential neighborhood in many ways, but it is still part of a big city and the presentation will give you very important information on staying safe during your time here. Since you will be arriving a few days before the presentations, a word of advice in advance: please don't walk down the street using your mobile phone after dark. Mobile phone thefts are one of the more common crimes in the neighborhood and they tend to occur after dark.

14) If you submitted an abstract for one of the poster sessions by the deadline, it has been accepted. We will contact poster presenters to specify which session you will be presenting at. Posters should be no larger than 4 feet wide by 3 feet high (landscape orientation). If you would like to print your poster in Chicago rather than bringing it with you, you can do this at the Fedex/Kinko's on 57th street. If you requested a poster session acceptance letter, you should have received it by now.

15) If you are traveling to Chicago from outside the United States and have not yet requested a letter of invitation from Becky to show at your port of entry, please make sure to do this immediately. We will attempt to provide these to those who request them, but time is getting short.

16) If you are checking in outside of the main checkin hours (9 AM - 9 PM on July 5 and 19) and have questions for our staff, please come back down to the lobby of your dorm during the main checkin period to find volunteers who can answer your questions. For urgent matters, you can always use the on-call phone number.

Please let Laura ( or Becky ( know if you have more questions. We are really looking forward to your arrival and to a fantastic Institute!