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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can attend the Institute?

    The Institute is intended for anyone engaged in the academic discipline of linguistics. This includes undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members from countries around the world. With prior arrangement, we will consider high school students over the age of 16 as participants. If you are a high school student who wishes to attend the Institute, please email us at to discuss this possibility. Nobody under the age of 16 may attend the Institute.

  • What will the dates of the Institute be?

    Classes will begin on July 6, 2015 and end on July 31, 2015. Housing arrangements will allow participants to arrive at least one day before and depart at least one day after these dates.

  • What's the schedule of courses?

    You can check the schedule of each individual course on the Courses page. Click here for a full schedule of courses.

  • Can I attend the Institute as an auditor without registering?

    The Institute has a long history of allowing auditors to attend courses, but we must stress that these participants, while not registered for the particular classes they are auditing, MUST be registered for the Institute. Nobody will be allowed to audit classes without registering for the Institute (after which you may audit classes beyond those that you are registered for, subject to permission of the instructor). The reason for this is that the Institute cannot exist without the financial support that registration provides, and it is unfair to paying participants for others to attend the same courses without paying or receiving a fellowship.

  • How do I sign up to present in one of the Institute Poster Sessions?

    You can find a link to sign up for the poster sessions on your account page in the registration system. The link will appear when your account is marked paid in full (for registration, not for housing). We look forward to your poster submissions! Abstracts are not required. However, we will publish abstracts (100-150 words) in a program for the session, so please submit one if you have one. We expect to accept all submissions, unless demand is overwhelming. The deadline for poster submissions is June 15.

    We will contact poster presenters to specify which session they will be presenting at. Posters should be no larger than 4 feet wide by 3 feet high (landscape orientation). If you would like to print your poster in Chicago rather than bringing it with you, you can do this at the Fedex/Kinko's on 57th street.

  • Is there a fitness center/gym available to Institute participants?

    The University of Chicago's Ratner Athletics Center is accessible to all registered Institute participants, for a weekly fee of $12.60. Your name will be on a list provided to the athletics center, and you should be able to bring your UChicago ID card and pay at the door for a pass.

  • Can I get a refund for my payment to the Institute?

    Payments for registration fees, housing, and dining can be refunded until June 1st, 2015, less a 7% refund fee to cover transaction costs. If you are in need of a refund, please email to let us know.

  • Are there air-conditioned single dorm rooms available?

    Yes! We have acquired more of this option so that those who wish to live in an air-conditioned dorm in a single (not shared) room can do so. If you have already signed up for another housing option but would like to upgrade to this one, please email to discuss how to do this.

  • How should I choose a housing option?

    The three available housing options all have pros and cons. Here is a short description of some of the differences between them:

    1) Single air-conditioned rooms will be in Granville-Grossman (formerly South Campus) Residential Commons. A few faculty will also be housed in apartments in this building. This dormitory will be very convenient to the dining hall (literally steps away) and also quite convenient to classrooms. This is the most expensive but also most comfortable option.

    2) Double air-conditioned rooms will be in either Granville-Grossman (formerly South Campus) Residential Commons with the singles, or in Max Palevsky Residential Commons, another dormitory located on the north side of the main academic quad. Several faculty members will be housed in suites in Max Palevsky, and both of these dorms are quite convenient to classes. Max Palevsky will be a bit farther away from the dining hall.

    3) I-House rooms are singles (not shared), but will not be as new and large as those in the other dorms. In addition, they are not air-conditioned, which can be hard for some people to live with during a Chicago summer. Weather in Chicago varies and some summers are comparatively mild, with others having mainly 90+ degree (F) days with high humidity. If you are especially sensitive to temperature, we don't recommend this option. On the flip side, this is the least expensive option, and also allows for cooking in the large basement kitchen, so it will be more practical to live here without a meal plan. We expect quite a lot of fun, collective cooking of lots of different kinds of ethnic food to happen in the I-House kitchen this summer.

  • Can I request to live in a particular dormitory building if I choose a double room?

    You can request it, but we can't make any promises! You can also request to live in the same building as someone even if you have not requested them as a roommate. You can write these requests into the roommate request box (please try to be clear about what you're requesting). We'll do our best to accommodate these kinds of things, but it may turn out to be difficult to satisfy all of them.

  • When will you post information about registration and fees for the Institute?

    Information about tuition can be found on theĀ Registration page. Registration is now open!

  • Are there any fellowships for students to attend the Institute?

    The LSA administers the fellowship program for the Institute. More details can be foundĀ here. Fellowships for this year's Institute have already been awarded.

  • Is it still possible to submit proposals for courses or workshops to be presented at the Institute?

    Unfortunately, the calls for course and workshop proposals are now closed.

  • When does the meal plan start?

    In the first session, the first meal on the meal plan is Sunday (7/5) dinner. Since most people will probably attend the Welcome BBQ at 5 PM in Hutchinson Courtyard, this means the first time you will eat in the dining hall will likely be Monday morning at breakfast. You can eat in the dining hall earlier than this, but you will have to pay cash at the door to enter.

    In the second session, the first meal on the meal plan is Sunday (7/19) at breakfast. This is because everyone who is continuing from the first session needed uninterrupted meal service through the weekend. So, if you arrive on 7/19 you should be able to go to any meals that you are present for by presenting your ID card at the dining hall.

  • Which dining hall do I eat in and when can I start?

    Meals are eaten in Cathey Dining Commons (across from Granville-Grossman Residential Commons) and the first meal of the first session is Sunday (7/5) dinner (although that is when the bbq is so you may eat your first meal in the dining hall on Monday morning). The first meal of the second session is breakfast on Sunday 7/19.

  • How do I drop a course?

    Login to your account. Click 'Click Here to Add or Enroll in Courses'. Select the drop down menu of the class you want to drop and change the selection to 'select one'. Save the changes.