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Topics in Algonquian Morphology and Syntax


Topics in Algonquian Morphology and Syntax

This course focuses on several topics in the complex morphology and nonconfigurational syntax of languages of the Algonquian family, including issues and controversies arising in the traditional analysis of the tripartite or bipartite verb stems, the syntactic role played by many of the derivational verbal suffixes, and recent syntactic analyses of Algonquian derivational morphology.  The course will also present the complex inflectional system of Algonquian verbs, including the controversial topic of inverse verbs, and an overview of word order issues (e.g. syntactic vs information-structural factors conditioning the flexible word order patterns; the prevalence of discontinuous NPs and compound verbs). Data will be drawn primarily from Menominee and Meskwaki; phenomena from other Algonquian languages such as Cree, Ojibwa, and Blackfoot will be illustrated as well.

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