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Articulatory Phonetics


Articulatory Phonetics

The goal of this course is to provide students with broad training in the nomenclature, theory, and practice of articulatory phonetics. Students in this course will learn about the organs of the vocal tract used in speech production, the muscles controlling them, and their coordination. We will also discuss factors thought to affect speech articulation, including speaker-internal factors (e.g. aerodynamics, coarticulation, speech rate), speaker-external factors (e.g. social information), as well as other factors, such as syllable structure and prosody. Along the way, students will learn about some of the techniques available for quantifying articulation, as well as what methods exist for analyzing those data. Students will design and be assessed on a proposal for novel research related to this topic.

Prerequisites: this course assumes knowledge of phonetics appropriate for an undergraduate introductory course in phonetics.

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Four-week Session


10:30 am-12:20 pm
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