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John Goldsmith


John Goldsmith

University of Chicago

John Goldsmith is professor in the Departments of Linguistics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago. He received BA from Swarthmore College in 1972, and his PhD from MIT in 1976 for a dissertation entitled `Autosegmental Phonology.' He has worked extensively on tone in African languages, especially Bantu languages, and over the last 15 years, on unsupervised learning of morphology and phonology, employing Minimum Description Length analysis and other machine learning methods. He is currently completing a book, co-authored with Bernard Laks, on continuity and rupture in the history of linguistics, philosophy, psychology and logic in the period 1870-1970, entitled `Language and the Mind: Encounters in the Mind Fields.'


  • Computational Phonology and Morphology Workshop

    Saturday, July 11, 2015

    Workshop on Computational Phonology and Morphology
    Saturday, July 11, 2015
    At the Linguistic Summer Institute at the University of Chicago


    Among the key questions in phonology and morphology are those that revolve around representation, distribution, learning, typology, variation, and change. Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in computational approaches (broadly construed, encompassing all species of formal, algorithmic, and quantitative methods) to phonology and morphology. How have they contributed to our understanding of language, particularly with regard to the domains of phonology and morphology? What are the unsolved issues in phonology and morphology on which computational approaches may shed light? Along the theme of big data of the 2015 LSA Summer Institute at the University of Chicago, how does---or not---the availability of larger and more accessible data alter the landscape of research among phonologists and morphologists, and what are the (new) challenges in light of big data?

    The Workshop on Computational Phonology and Morphology, to be held on Saturday July 11, 2015, at the LSA Summer Institute at the University of Chicago, is devoted to these topics and questions of general interest to linguists, featuring invited talks by Institute instructors whose research concerns phonology and morphology from computational perspectives.


    Institute instructors who have confirmed participation:

    • John Goldsmith
    • Sharon Goldwater
    • Jeffrey Heinz
    • Karen Livescu
    • Giorgio Magri
    • Sravana Reddy
    • Jason Riggle
    • Paul Smolensky
    • Andrew Wedel

    For more information, visit the workshop website