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Topics in South Asian Linguistics


Topics in South Asian Linguistics

Research on South Asian languages has contributed to formal syntax and semantics in a number of domains: the interaction of case (ergativity, differential object marking) with agreement (object agreement, long distance agreement) and the interpretation of agreement, argument structure (productive unaccusative/transitive alternations and causativization, direct versus indirect causation, and non-nominative subjects), correlativization across domains (relativization, conditionals, comparatives, temporal clauses), scrambling, rightward movement and the wh-in-situ characterization of these languages, and the construction of polarity items. In this course, I will provide a high-level characterization of the major syntactic properties that characterize this linguistic area and then focus on topics drawn from argument structure (unaccusative/transitive alternations and
causativization), correlativization across domains, and polarity items, positive and negative.

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