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Advances in Contact-induced Morphological Change


Advances in Contact-induced Morphological Change

This course focuses on a wide range of phenomena occurring under the heading of contact-induced morphological change and pursues three main goals:  first, to introduce the most recent developments in research on contact-induced morphological change; second, to make the students aware of and acquainted with the array of new data collected in recent publications; and, third, to lead them to a full understanding of how data from language contact informs the theory of morphology, in terms of the architecture of grammar.  
The topics covered in the course will include mat-borrowing vs. pat-borrowing, morphological integration, derivational and inflectional borrowing, paradigm borrowing, and (bilingual) mixed languages, among others. The analysis of the data will show the implications that contact-induced morphological change has for the theory of morphology, in terms of derivation vs. inflection and their sub-modules, viz. inherent inflection vs. contextual inflection, and prototypical derivation vs. non- prototypical derivation.

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3:10 pm-5:00 pm
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Introduction to morphology; introduction to language contact.