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Syntax-Phonology Interface


Syntax-Phonology Interface

A number of approaches to the syntax-prosody interaction will be introduced and compared: the transformational and cyclic approach of Chomsky & Halle, prosodic hierarchy, edge-based/alignment theory and recursive mapping will serve as main theoretical models. At the same time, different kinds of languages-intonational languages, tone language, phrase-based languages-will be investigated for their properties at the syntax-prosody interface, so that universals and language-specific phenomena can be kept apart. Phrasing and prominence both in syntax and in prosody are the main issues here and therefore information-structure will also play a role in the course. Students will learn to understand the issues, to compare approaches, and to cope will data.

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Four-week Session


Tuesday: 3:10 pm-5:00 pm
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Introduction to Syntax and Introduction to Phonology.